GeoHealth Centre

Medical geography is considered the scientific interface between the fields of geography and medicine. It is characterised by interdisciplinarity and applies geographical concepts, techniques and methods to medical issues and problems.

The focus is on spatial consideration of analyses of population-specific health and illness aspects.

The GeoHealth Centre already has more than ten years of tradition at the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health and a constantly growing staff under the lead of Prof. Dr. med.Thomas Kistemann M.A. (geogr.).

The primary work and research fields include:

  • Spatial-temporal analysis of the appearance of environment infectious diseases
  • Water supply structures: data gathering, analysis, water safety plans
  • Microbial water contamination
  • Hygiene-geoecological risk analysis
  • Health & Disease Mapping
  • Geographic infection epidemiology
  • Nature conservation & health protection
  • Sport and event hygiene




Zum Wintersemester 2017/2018 startet der Masterstudiengang Master of Science in Global Health – Risk Management & Hygiene Policies

WSCC 2017 - Water Security and Climate Change

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